Citi joins with IntraFi for corporate liquidity management service

Citi joins with IntraFi for corporate liquidity management service

Citi joins with IntraFi for corporate liquidity management service

Citi has partnered with IntraFi Networks to introduce an automated system which allows institutional clients to sweep cash into deposit accounts at US branches of non-US banks.

Internet Rights and Principles Coalition (IRPC)

“Promoting Digital Human Rights”

The Internet Rights and Principles Coalition (IRPC) is an open network of individuals and organisations based at the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) committed to making human rights work for the online environment

Citi: CitiConnect(R) API

CitiConnect(R) API

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Episode 12: Creating a unified city brand narrative for different audiences

London & Partners’ Rose Wangen-Jones returns in this episode of Place2Place to understand the journey behind the merger that created Helsinki Partners, bringing the Helsinki Business Hub and Helsinki Marketing under one roof. Listen in as Rose speaks with CEO Clarisse Berggårdh about the vision driving the city’s strategy, how they’re overcoming the barriers to their success, and what it’s been like uniting two work cultures whilst working remotely.

Enterprise Maps to Navigate Complexity / Annika Klyver and Cecilia Norden / Intersection18

Presented at Intersection Conference –

Annika Klyver
Enterprise Architect, IRM

Cecilia Nordén
Business & Enterprise Architect, IRM

The modern organisational world – with short product cycles, new competitors, new partnerships and new value propositions – presents a navigational challenge. Facing this situation, we have during a number of years developed a way to map enterprises that allows us to manage and benefit from the increased complexity facing organisation of today.

We started in our domain, architecture, but have expanded our territory into the external eco system as well as in to the product and service ecosystems as well as organisational design. What we have found is a shared enterprise map that is stable but still is able to carry the increased complexity given the accelerated change rate needed to survive and thrive in the business environment.

We will share our journey into the complexity of an enterprise and show how an enterprise map, The Milky Way, gave us a solid foundation on which we build a better understanding of how all parts of the enterprise collaborate to embrace innovation, generate customer value and safeguard an understanding of what needs to be improved throughout an organization and why.

The Milky Way has become a navigational tool for us in our ambition to create a true learning organization that thrives in the changing world, where rapid product and service development is mandatory as well as adapting to the constant changing ecosystems we are a part of.

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