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Pixel Gun 3D hack

As we talk I am going to be presenting you in which manner I managed to gather never-ending gold and stone in Pixel Gun 3D via the use of the hack, cheat. In the event you want simply to install the cheat, then you can save your own time and scroll right down and take a peek at the website. For certain, you generally need to use the Pixel Gun 3D hack because of its main job of generating free resources. Whatever you have to do is input the amount of gold coins and diamonds then look at your profile after a couple of seconds.

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The team who produced this Pixel Gun 3D hack generator highly suggested not to include quite substantial quantities of coins and jewels merely just to become risk-free. This Pixel Gun 3D Generator I am sharing is handled on the internet so you do not have to download anything on your notebook. Everything you have to do is launching it in a new window and begin typing in the information. (more)



Facts About In-Game Currencies And Pixel Gun 3D Hack:

  • Coins: It is the primary currency of the game that can be used for buying skins, weapons, training pets, some gadgets and upgrades. The easiest way to get coins is to hack with Pixel Gun 3D or play a specific 3D game.
  • Game mode. When you reach new levels in the game, you can earn coins. You can even find them hidden in the different levels.
  • Gems: It is a premium currency that can be used for the purchase of powerful weapons, accessories and equipment. You can either buy gems with real money or get them in the game by grinding them. The third option is to try with Pixel Gun 3D Hack 2019. Also there are some ads available in the game and by watching you you can earn gems. Logging in to the game via Facebook and Twitter will also allow you to earn gems. If you are in the best 100 players of the weekly tournament in the relentless league, then you can acquire many gems.
  • Buttons: Buttons can only be used to open event chests. You can get keys by winning games in different modes like Team Battle or Deathmatch. You can even buy keys using gems (which can be generated with Pixel Gun 3D hack).
  • Tickets: This is the fourth currency of the game. Tickets can be purchased with gems. The tickets allow players to join modes that require it. It can be found in the Lucky Chest or can be earned by watching a sponsored ad video in the ticket booth. You can even get free tickets every 4 hours.

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Tips and tricks can be used in Pixel Gun 3D

7 Basic pixel gun tips

  • The only way to survive in this game is through repeated attacks with bombs and weapons. Your finger should always be on a pistol that is aimed at zombies. Just keep moving in circles and shoot at the monsters.
  • With the goal lower, you will be able to kill crawling monsters. In addition, it does not matter where you aim and shoot. Whether the bullet hits the monster’s head or feet, it will be killed immediately.
  • Make sure you keep on moving in the game otherwise you will end up getting trapped by the zombies.
  • The difficulty level in the game can affect the amount of coins earned. If you achieve success on a ‘hard’ level, you earn three coins, which is the maximum amount any player can earn. If you hit at normal level, you earn two coins and a simple level lets you earn one coin. These tasks can take a lot of time if you want to save more coins, in which case you can easily attach the process with Pixel Gun 3D Cheats.
  • When you play Deathmatch mode, be careful when you kill yourself, you take one of your killings path. So, make sure you take cover before killing the enemies.
  • Attacking players who are already distracted is the best and easiest way to kill them.
  • An easy way to earn free coins is by using the free coins icon and posting your scores on social media sites, but it’s impossible to find easier and better way to hack coins than using Pixel Gun 3D.

How to earn stars?

To earn stars, you must complete three goals on each level. A star can be earned by killing all monsters. Second Star can be earned by killing you quickly and Third Star can be earned by killing all zombies without causing any damage. The difficulty level has no effect on the stars you earn. So, you don’t have to play difficult levels, just pick easy stages and earn more stars fast. If you buy a shield before you complete a level then it will be easier to get the third star.

Details on countless weapons

At the beginning of the game you will receive the free Starter Weapons listed below to play with:

  • Simple Shotgun: If you want to play close combat on players with weak armor, then this is the best weapon to use. The amount of damage caused by the pistol is low, but it has a decent rate of fire and mobility.
  • Simple machine gun: the damage caused by the pistol is low, but the rate of fire is high. In addition, its capacity is medium and has an average mobility.
  • Pixel Gun: the amount of damage caused by Pixel Gun is very low. However, it has an extremely fast reload, average mobility, low capacity and decent rate of fire.
  • Combat knife: the combat knife ensures good mobility and low damage. However, it has very fast attack speed and should be used if you need to escape from some dangerous situations.
  • Sniper Rifle: the 10x circumference of the Sniper Rifle can be used as an advantage. It is an above average damage and a low burning speed. Since the weapon can not kill the enemy with full health immediately, so you should use this weapon only to attack unaware enemies. The sniper rifle and light wooden armor is awarded to you when you finish the simple tutorial provided in the game.
  • Light wooden armor: the armor is a powerful weapon that can be used to protect the game character of numerous projectiles. It has various upgrades such as light wooden armor, medium wooden armor, heavy wooden armor, light/medium/heavy iron armor, light/medium/heavy gold armor, and much more.

How to acquire the different armors!

  • Iron armor can be unlocked at level 7. To purchase the armor, you must upgrade the wooden armor UP2.
  • Golden armor can be unlocked at level 12 by upgrading iron armor UP2.
  • You can unlock the crystal armor at level 17. For this you need to upgrade the golden armor UP2.
  • Ruby armor can be unlocked by reaching level 22. To get this armor, you need to upgrade the crystal armor.
  • The armor that you can unlock at level 27 is the intransigent armor. You need to upgrade the Ruby armor for this powerful weapon.
  • Once you have reached level 2, you can unlock two weapons – simple flamethrower and signal pistol. Other than the above mentioned weapons, there are hundreds of other weapons and ammo that you can unlock in the game.

Tips for the use of different weapons

  • Use Pixel Gun often because it has good agility, attack speed and accuracy.
  • Use the machine gun near medium range because its capacity is low.
  • If you play within close range and know how to counter such situations, then use combat knives.
  • Simple shotgun takes very long to load and the damage is minimal, so do not make use of it at longer ranges.
  • When playing in close combat, if you want to make a kill easier, then use the simple flamethrower Burning Effect. Make sure you don’t use the weapon on those players who already have powerful weapons and abilities.

The signal pistol has a slow bullet driving time. So, do not make use of it at longer range. Its capacity is also low, making it as accurate as possible. It is advisable to use it as a rocket jumping weapon.


You don’t have to download Pixel Gun 3D MOD apk

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Alternative for modified Android and IOS apk

We all know how popular Pixel Gun 3D really is. Although the game had its premiere a long time ago, people still enjoy playing this title. No wonder that more and more users wish to find pixel gun 3d apk mod or any other hack to ease the gameplay. It is all due to the difficulty level, which is quite high. However, is it really necessary to use pixel gun 3d coin hack or any other software of this kind?

Since we know a thing or two about programming, we wanted to make sure that you will no longer have to look for tutorials that will show you how to hack pixel gun 3d ios or its android version. We are huge fans of the game, and that is why we wish to share with you a generator that is going to provide you with extra currency. In that way you will once again enjoy Pixel Gun 3D without the need of cheating. That is why we highly encourage you to read our guide for pixel gun 3d. It is down below and this short tutorial will help you understand what to do in order to get it working.

Guide how to use Pixel Gun 3D generator

All these features mentioned above make our offer better than any pixel gun 3d hack appyou could find on the Internet. It is user-friendly and as transparent as it can be. However, in order to make sure that you won’t make any mistake during generating coins or gems, we decided to give you a step by step instruction that will help you

  • Contrary to other pixel gun 3d hack apk tools, our generator is very simple and free to use.
  • The only thing you need to do is to enter your account nickname, press the right operating system, and choose the right amount of coins and gems you wish to receive.
  • There is no need for you to download pixel gun 3d mod apk. Just click “generate” button and wait for the system to add selected number of coins and gems to your account.
  • In order to avoid any troubles, we encourage you to use it once every 24 hours. It is unlike any other suspicious pixel gun 3d pocket edition mod apk that supposedly can be used all the time!